Information Resources

Understand the publishing process and the different types of information you might need in higher education research.

The Information Cycle VIDEO

When students don’t understand the information cycle, they can waste time searching for information in the wrong places. This short video describes this issue clearly, using the example of the Iranian election in 2009. Produced by UCF Libraries, US. Video is 3:24 min. Resource U100.

The Information Life Cycle VIDEO

This short video discusses the different stages that information will become available, using the amusing topic of an alien invasion. Researchers need to understand when to expect that formats such as journals or books may be available after an event. Produced by UNLV University Libraries, US. Video is 2:33 min. Resource U101.

The Information Timeline HANDOUT

A visual outline of the information cycle – key to understanding when information may be available, and who are likely to be the authors. Who publishes information, and when, can affect the authority and credibility of the information. Resource: U102 Download: Information Timeline HANDOUT

Popular and Scholarly Sources VIDEO

A clear video describing what popular and scholarly articles are, and when each of them is good to use. Students will be able to recognize the different types of information in these sources. Produced by the College of San Mateo, US. Video is 5:20 min. Resource U103.