Library Resources

Understand and use the library catalog, databases, and electronic resources.

HCT One Minute Guides: Discovery (using the library catalog) VIDEO

HCT libraries all use one catalog to index and be able to find what resources are in our collections. This video introduces you to how to use the “Discovery” search to find both books on the shelves and electronic resources available online, for all libraries. Video is 1:19 min. Resource F200.

HCT One Minute Guides: Call Numbers VIDEO

Books and DVDs on the shelf in libraries are ordered by “call number”. It is a system for keeping resources on the same topic together on the shelf in the same place, and this quick video demonstrates where to find the “call number” of a HCT book using the library catalog. Easy! Video is 0:53 min. Resource F201.

HCT One Minute Guides: Subject headings VIDEO

Searching in the library catalog can get better results when you use subject headings instead of simple keywords. You will find resources that are specifically on the topic, rather than the word which happened to be in a title or item description. This easy to follow video shows you how to use subject headings. Video is 1:14 min. Resource F202.

HCT One Minute Guides: Choosing a database VIDEO

The HCT libraries give you access to over 100 different databases on almost every subject. This video shows you one way to choose the database best for your topic. Ask your librarian for other methods, if you are not successful. Video is 1:25 min. Resource F203.

HCT One Minute Guides: Finding e-books with Overdrive VIDEO

The library catalog has hundreds of e-books (electronic books) available to you at home or on campus. E-books download and work differently as they are produced by several different publishers, but this video show how to find e-books by the Overdrive publisher. Ask your librarian for information about other publishers. Video is 1:04 min. Resource F206.

HCT One Minute Guides: Database folders VIDEO

Databases will allow you to save journal articles you would like to pull out from a results list, into a separate folder. These articles can then be saved, exported or used now. Video is 1:04 min. Resource F207.

What is a library database? VIDEO

This is a good introduction for students to databases, how they are different from a Google search of the open web, and why students should use them in their research. Produced by College of San Mateo, US. Video is 7:11 min. Resource F208.

Reading a call number (Library of Congress) VIDEO

An easy basic introduction to what call numbers mean, and how to use them to find resources on the library shelves. Useful 1-1:46 mins. Produced by Douglas College Libraries, US. Video is 2:07 min. Resource F210.