About this website – who it is designed for, and how to use it.

This website will give you the key topics of understanding, finding, evaluating and using information. There are resources to try out organized under different topics, or use the search box on the Home Page to go directly to what you need.

All resources have been created and shared by HCT librarians and faculty, or have been reviewed and recommended if they have been developed externally, as useful and appropriate for HCT students. Resources created within HCT include a HCT logo.

Credits and Acknowledgements

There are many excellent people, and institutions, who have contributed to the development of this online resource. This area also gives an opportunity to acknowledge other library services who have generously given permission for HCT to access and link to resources they have created.


Teacher Resources

To teach research skills to students means that faculty need to become familiar with the resources available, and the skills needed by students to find, understand and use information appropriately. A partnership with your campus librarian is the best way to accomplish this – all librarians will be happy to work together – simply start the conversation. A list of campus librarians at HCT is linked here.

In this section you will also find lesson plans, PowerPoint resources, worksheets, handouts, activities, links to student resources elsewhere in this website, and ideas for teaching the different topics to your students.


Further Resources

Around the world as well as in the UAE there are many useful resources for learning research skills. Featured in this section are relevant videos, library websites, tools and resources to expand your skills.