Evaluation Strategies

How to select better academic information from the huge amount of resources available to you.

Evaluating Web Sites VIDEO

A good review of what types of web sites can be found on the Internet, and how you can go about evaluating whether they are likely to contain reliable (or credible) information or not. Produced by Research Tutorial. Video is 6:18 min. Resource E50.

Evaluating Websites VIDEO

A short introduction to evaluation of web sites by comparing two websites which cover the same health topic, but looking at who the publishers and authors are, and which may have more reliable information. The video is not a particularly high quality production, and voices may speak too quickly for ESL learners. Produced by UCI Science Library, US. Video is ...

Credible Sources Count TUTORIAL

This is an excellent introduction to evaluation of websites using cartoons, web examples, interactive inquiry and questions. Introduces an evaluation strategy for students to follow. A couple of web sites to review are blocked in the UAE, but this doesn’t detract from the value of this tutorial. Produced by Vaughan Memorial Library, Canada. Tutorial takes approx. 10 min. Resource E52. LINK ...

Evaluating Websites VIDEO

A short cartoon-format video demonstrating how to evaluate web sites, and where the information you need is usually found. Produced by GCSC Libraries, US. Video is 1:52 min. Resource E53.

Literature Review

Take a Lynda.com course on Literature Review and understand Literature Review: An overview  . Learn more on Doing a Literature Review  .  Finally learn  How to write a Literature Review