Search Strategies

How to search with success in the minimum time, using all types of information resources.

HCT One Minute Guides: Boolean Searching in Databases Part I VIDEO

Boolean searching makes your search more powerful – in this video a quick introduction to using the AND Boolean operator is described in databases. Boolean searching works in almost every electronic resources however, including Google. The AND operator makes your search results smaller. Video is 1:14 min. Resource F10.

HCT One Minute Guides: Boolean Searching in Databases Part III VIDEO

In this part of the series it is demonstrated how to use the NOT Boolean operator to make your search results more specific for what you need. NOT will take out any information subjects you are not interested in, for example “web NOT spider” would take out any results about spiders if you are interested in only the world-wide-web. Video ...

Generating search terms VIDEO

A clear, short video which describes how to improve your search strategies used in searching electronic resources, such as the Web or databases. Discussion of why you would think about search terms, and how synonyms, broader and narrower terms may help your research. Produced by College of San Mateo, US. Video is 3:49 min. Resource F13.

Generating search terms: Part I VIDEO

A short video describing why you would spend a few minutes looking at your research question and possible search terms, including a practical example of brainstorming ideas. Produced by Research Tutorials. Video is 1:48 min. Resource F14.  

Generating search terms: Part II VIDEO

A more advanced but useful way of generating search terms using “Library of Congress” search terms which are located in the library catalogue record of all resources. This method can be used at HCT – reference T55 for more information about searching the catalogue. Produced by Research Tutorials. Video is 2:48 min. Resource F15.

Power Searching with Google

Power Searching with Google is a course to improve your Google search skills. Complete the following two self paced courses: Basic Power Searching with Google  and  Advanced Power Searching with Google