Digital Citizenship And Information Literacy

Information Literacy in the Digital Age

Higher Order Thinking Skills

Take a course on Digital Citizenship .   Learn why Critical Thinking is an essential lifelong learning skill through course on Critical Thinking .    Understand Digital Literacy from course on Digital Literacy .   Learn why is Visual Literacy important by watching a video from Toledo Museum of Art   Learn how to have better Creative Thinking from Tony Buznan – the inventor of mind mapping.   Learn all about Information Literacy basics through course on Information Literacy . ...

Internet of Things (IOT)

Students from Year 3 and Year 4 are highly recommended to take the following courses on IOT.   IOT course 1 from  provides an overview of IOT.   IOT course 2 from   provides a basic understanding of IOT. IOT course 3 from provides the fundamentals of IOT. IOT course 4 from  provides the concept of security, privacy and IOT.        

Being Digital – Skills for life online

Skills for life online are short activities created by The Open University, U.K. These are 21st century skills important for all university students for lifelong learning. Click on the activities and learn about how to become an efficient researcher in a digital world.