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Online ESL Resources @ HCT

Online ESL Resources @ HCT

October 7, 2014

Many of us are not aware of resources that are made available for our students, whether by our own HCT faculty,  independent learning centers (ILCs), or others. Many of these resources can come in handy when preparing for classes or in keeping stronger students busy while they wait for others to complete a task.

Thanks to our SharePoint and Educational Technology blog, these are a few links that you might find interesting:

  1. All Things Grammar -Robert Dobie
  2. Madinat Zayed’s ILC
  3. Foundations level 3 and 4 vocabulary -Dubai Colleges
  4. Writing center video guides -Dubai Colleges
  5. English Zone -Fujairah Colleges
  6. Learning Center Foundations – Abu Dhabi Women’s College
  7. ADWC and KCWC ILC
  8. My Listening Class (Level 2) -Robert Dobie
  9. Extended Reading (Level 3) -Stephen Dersley

As you browse the links, you’ll notice that what’s special about these ESL resources is that they are mostly developed by HCT for HCT, which makes it easier for you to choose something suitable for your level or for a certain task.

If you know other resources, please post a comment and share! :]

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October 7, 2014
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