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Denise Ozdeniz
Denise Ozdeniz

Denise Ozdeniz

I have been collaborating with teachers and students on a learning and empowerment voyage for 31 years. My special interests are educational technology, vocabulary acquisition, extensive reading and professional development through reflection and classroom based research.

Articles by Denise Ozdeniz

Professional Developmen...

on February 28, 2016
What is Future Learn? Future Learn is a virtual learning environment created by The Open University in partnership with 85 universities worldwide and institutions such as The British Council. Courses ...

ADMC Activity Day

on November 27, 2014
ADMC celebrated working together in an activity day, mid-November. The change to normal class based studies encouraged a team spirit and gave students some downtime amidst their busy academic schedule...

Ways of offering studen...

on October 12, 2014
Teaching and studying high-frequency vocabulary has a higher and faster surrender value for learners. The HCT Foundations Programme aims to cover the most common 2000 words of English as defined by th...