Citations: In-text Citations

When and how in-text citations are used in your assignments. Relationship of the in-text citation to the reference list at the end of your document.

APA in Minutes: In-text citations VIDEO

An excellent, clear guide to what an APA in-text citation is and how to use them in your work. Produced by Humber Libraries, US. Video is 2:35 min. Resource S50.

In-text citations APA style HANDOUT

A brief handout giving examples of how to add in-text citations into your writing. Resource S51. DOWNLOAD: In-text citations APA style HANDOUT

In-text citations: The basics WEBSITE

Purdue University in the USA has a very good reputation for creating easy to use but accurate guides to APA style (and writing assistance in general). Resource S52. LINK TO:

In-text APA citations: Three ways to use in your work HANDOUT

In-text citations link between your writing and the reference list at the end of your paper. This brief guide demonstrates the three ways that in-text citations can be written.  Resource #S53. LINK TO:  In-Text Citations in APA Style HANDOUT