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Trick Math Problem

on May 13, 2014
While boarding a bus you notice that there are 7 girls in the bus already. All the girls have 7 bags each. In each bag there are 7 adult cats. Each of the adult cat have 7 little one. Each....

Mentoring Colleagues

on March 11, 2014
This semester I’m supporting two colleagues who are new to being Course Team Leaders. It has made me wonder – does this kind of help count as ‘mentoring’?  So, I’ve taken a look at reso...

Productivity Corner

on March 11, 2014
Be More Productive by Learning to Say No An important part of being a productive teacher or student is learning how to use our time well.  How we use our time is a choice we all have.  We can choose...

Mathematics Puzzle

on March 11, 2014
  Take a close look at the figure… How many triangles can you find?   Answer         A   Answer: 35  


on March 10, 2014
  What is the least number of triangles you have to remove so that none of the remaining triangles overlap?   2. This puzzle dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks. Ten circular tokens...