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OneNote Class Notebook Online: The 21st Century Teacher’s Magic Wand

OneNote Class Notebook Online: The 21st Century Teacher’s Magic Wand

December 12, 2017

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ELT teachers are like carpenters coming to class with a toolbox full of learning devices. And the more the teacher embraces new tools to select from and apply, the richest the learning environment is. OneNote Class Notebook is a learning powerful tool that it could be named as the teacher’s Magic Wand. That is to say, it is a toolbox by itself full of different devices. In this article, I’d like to share the multiple functions of OneNote Class Notebook with reference to the SAMAR Model.

OneNote Class Notebook represents an ideal 21st-century learning environment. It embraces all the SAMAR levels (substitution/augmentation/ modification/ and reflection). OneNote Class Notebook is part of Microsoft Office 365 and once a user has an account, it can be synched to OneNote in any device and utilizes all the OneNote options. Then class notebook can be used both online and offline.

office 365

features OneNote Class Notebook

First of all, the content library can move between the substitution and augmentation levels. It’s only controlled by the teacher where uploaded lessons, links, worksheets, notes can be viewed/ sent to or downloaded by the students. Also, the content library can be used as a repository of the daily class notes that are written on the smartboard and students can refer to later anytime/anywhere.

Content Library Weekly Class Notes


Secondly, students’ personal folders that are individually shared between the teacher and the student can be identified as students’ ePortfolios. Students can organize their folders and subfolders and the teacher can easily check assignments, mark and give feedback. These portfolios are a clear representation of the modification level where the teacher shares a digital page with the student that has the full OneNote options.

students' eportfolios


Thirdly, the collaboration space is an interactive page where every member in the class can collaborate. The collaboration space can be viewed at a modification level as well because students as a whole or in groups whether in or out class can create pages or sections. They can discuss certain topics while the teacher is giving instant feedback.


It’s worth stating that the above great technological learning tools that can be utilized from OneNote Class Notebook are the most appealing to ELT teachers. However, they are some of the many other useful features. For example, teachers can create their own folders where they can organize in different sections and pages to keep and record admin files, team meetings minutes, lesson plans…etc.

Team meeting minutes

To sum up, OneNote Class Notebook is an integrated learning toolbox full of powerful interactive and engaging devices that assist ELT teachers to enhance the learning environment.


December 12, 2017

Huda Jamal

Ms. Huda has a Master in English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. She is faculty at Abu Dhabi Women’s College, Abu Dhabi. Ms. Huda is interested in utilizing efficient tools and strategies to facilitate active learning in her classes. Mobile technology, language deconstruction and eportfolios are her major interests.

Huda Jamal also wrote