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Flipquiz: a Game for Revising and Motivating

Flipquiz: a Game for Revising and Motivating

April 20, 2017

Flip Quiz

Online educational recourses are numerous and everyday new sites and apps are created to help enrich and advance the ELT profession. These online interactive sites are becoming prerequisite tools for all ELT teachers to advance their teaching experiences.  A qualified ESL teacher must acquire and use a variety of these teaching digital techniques to serve his/her teaching aspirations. This article will highlight Flipquiz excellent implications as a tool for revision and motivation in and out classroom.

Flipquiz is an online new website where teachers can create language jeopardy style game boards. It is favored by both teachers and students because it is easy to create, use and share. It’s free and even students can create their own games to share among each other.  Flipquiz is a great tool to review lessons and motivate students, and this is due to the great interactive and engaging implications of the game.

Flip Quiz. 2png

Each Flipquiz game board has five categories and five questionsper category. Teachers can utilize this feature by breaking down their language items and thus demonstrating them more clearly. For both questions and answers a teacher can add text, small image, hyperlink and online video file. These games can be saved in a board’s bank, printed or exported to a word document. Games also can be shared easily by a URL. Students don’t need accounts to be logged in to access the game, and the same game has unlimited attempts to play.  Flipquiz is friendly and works on most Internet enabled devices including smartphones and tablets. Therefore, this site is a worthy tool to be added to each teacher’s mobile tool box.

Therefore, this site is a worthy tool to be added to each teacher’s mobile tool box.

April 20, 2017
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Huda Jamal

Ms. Huda has a Master in English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. She is faculty at Abu Dhabi Women’s College, Abu Dhabi. Ms. Huda is interested in utilizing efficient tools and strategies to facilitate active learning in her classes. Mobile technology, language deconstruction and eportfolios are her major interests.

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