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Great Apps in and outside the Classroom: Note Anytime Lite

Great Apps in and outside the Classroom: Note Anytime Lite

March 1, 2017

Notes Anytime

Note Anytime Lite or currently known as “MetaMoJi Note Lite” is a super mobile learning app and it is becoming an indispensable tool used by EL teachers and students both inside and outside the classroom, including mine. This app has many practical uses. It provides my students with the ability to download and annotate PDFs as well as upload them to various cloud applications.  Students can also open new blank documents and type or write texts and even create their own sketches. They can upload and edit their own photos with the ability to add font with the choice of styles and colors. Using the cloud functionality of the app they can create folders, copy files and manage their uploaded work portfolios. They can record their voices in addition to many other things this app can do and it’s FREE.

I use Note Anytime almost every day mainly to annotate reading and grammar worksheets where I send students the PDF and they edit their answers and save them in folders. I also use Note Anytime as the first platform to upload in students’ Box folders weekly assignments. That is, my students can do their assignments in Notes to upload to their teacher-student shared box folders, so I can check work and provide feedback regularly.


For more information, please see:

Or download it from the iTunes store

March 1, 2017
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Huda Jamal

Ms. Huda has a Master in English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. She is faculty at Abu Dhabi Women’s College, Abu Dhabi. Ms. Huda is interested in utilizing efficient tools and strategies to facilitate active learning in her classes. Mobile technology, language deconstruction and eportfolios are her major interests.

Huda Jamal also wrote