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. A Great Learning Storage iCloud Shell A Great Learning Storage iCloud Shell

March 1, 2017 is an online storage website. It has an app version as well. I strongly believe that Box is a great mobile learning device, and every EL teacher needs to add it to his/her teaching tool box. I prefer to use this app more than any other storage cloud with my students because of its incomparable features that many other sites and apps lack. In this article, I will illustrate these unmatchable aspects of Box.

First of all, provides users with excellent organization choices. Students can create several folders and subfolders within the same folder easily and accessibly.  Also, they can upload all types of files to their folders including PDFs, word documents, images, MP3 and MP4 audio and video files.  Box is compatible with most apps as Pages, Notes Anytime, iMovie, Keynote…etc. Moreover, Students can share their folders with each other or their teachers where the teacher can monitor students’ progress and work anytime and anywhere.

In addition to these excellent Box features, Box can be utilized as an interactive learning device where the teacher is able to comment on students’ work and provide feedback. This is very useful for writing assignments. Students’ files can be opened in a word document online and then edited. Teachers can sync their box folders to their PCs and Laptops and access everything easily.

I use Box as the shell for my ePortfolio learning approach that I run every cycle with my students for all the above great reasons. I create a folder for each student at the beginning of the cycle, and I share it with the student. Then the student has to build and organize her folders according to the teachers’ outline. After that, every student has to fill the folders with her weekly assignments, which are checked and commented by the teacher.

To sum up, is worth sharing and I encourage EL teachers to try the valuable aspects of both the site and the app. It’s free and teachers and students will start at 10 free GB.

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March 1, 2017
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Huda Jamal

Ms. Huda has a Master in English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. She is faculty at Abu Dhabi Women’s College, Abu Dhabi. Ms. Huda is interested in utilizing efficient tools and strategies to facilitate active learning in her classes. Mobile technology, language deconstruction and eportfolios are her major interests.

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