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Cool Math Stuff on Social Media

Cool Math Stuff on Social Media

May 9, 2016

Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have rapidly become a part of our students’ everyday lives. All the while we thought that our students were just too busy with ALEKS on their iPads only to find out that they are actually watching online videos or chatting with their friends. And when asked to share what’s keeping them busy, they would say – “It’s a Math thing Miss!” Of course, that’s one of those lame excuses. But one time, a student voluntarily showed to me what she got online:


Working on the above equations led us to the discussion of the concept of equations and solve our ALEKS-related problems. This seem to be a good way of getting their attention, so once in a while I would invite them to share photos, video or audio from their social media accounts which are related to our lessons.

Following are some of the interesting and challenging Math stuff we’ve used so far. You may try them out yourselves and then hit the “comment” button for your answers?

      Order of Operations

order of operations

     Inscribed Figures

inscribed figures

      Variables and Substitution




You may also find the following photos useful in introducing or presenting some concepts.

     As you make fun out of the basic operations and word problems with this:

word problems

     You may also cite examples when comparing fractions:


     Or be quite melodramatic on differentiating parallel lines from perpendicular (and any other intersecting) lines:

parallel lines

It may also be worth reminding our students with this:

life and math

And finally, assure them that they can always reach us:

call me

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos above.


May 9, 2016
Lesson Plans & Ideas