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Reporting tools in Aleks

Reporting tools in Aleks

March 8, 2016

Aleks is the main learning tool we use in our math classes. In addition to its ability to provide adaptive learning that is suitable for each student, it helps teachers by generating reports on students’ progress and performance.

In this article I will be talking about three reports that I personally use in my classes and found to be useful. These reports help students visualize their progress in and locate themselves with respect to other students. They also help me identify students who are doing above and below class average, and provide additional materials and support accordingly.


1- Progress report: View overall class progress.

It helps me view each student’s progress in Learning Mode since the latest assessment.

It also sorts students’ progress by topic, percentage or simply by name. It shows me how much work is done from each student’s Aleks pie.



2- Time & topic report: Gauge students study habits.

In this report, I can track the day to day students’ progress and how many topics they have completed per day. I can also track who has logged in and who hasn’t done so yet. Similar to the Progress report, this report also shows us the total time spent in this class and the last login date.



Another great feature of this report is that it helps us define the date range, and it shows us the class total time spent in Aleks by date. This is a great visual example to students.



3-  Knowledge per slice report: View progress in each pie slice.

This report is very helpful to track the current knowledge per slice as of the day the report is generated.

This is a very useful one since it shows the students their need to work harder on the required topics for the exam. This is a clear cut tool to show who has done the required exam topics and who hasn’t.



Using these three kinds of  reports facilitates the process of learning and teaching. We can identify students’ strength and weakness. We can also customize our lesson plans to suit everyone. Please stay tuned for my next article which will feature two more reports that are also handy for Aleks instructors. :)

March 8, 2016
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