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Need help with making sentences for new words?

Need help with making sentences for new words?

September 1, 2015

With our weekly vocabulary quizzes, our students need as much as help as they can get to become familiar with new words. There are a few articles about helpful vocabulary learning techniques and resources in the newsletter, including:

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Ways of offering students extended rehearsal of vocabulary items

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In addition to these articles, presenting new words in context, whether sentences or paragraphs, can be a helpful way to remember these new words. But, as you might sometimes have experienced, after making ten sentences or so, it gets harder to think of suitable examples that explain new words in ways that are suitable for our students’ proficiency levels. This is when you’ll find these websites very helpful.





These three websites offer a search engine that makes it easy for you find suitable sentences for any word, and in a language that is suitable for that word level. Actually, Cambridge Dictionaries provide you with a sentence for each CFR level, which makes it even more convenient. Students can also use these dictionaries to make their own sentences using search results as examples to follow.

….Although these ready-made sentences are almost always perfectly suitable, it could be a good idea to add relevant context clues or adapt these sentences in ways that can help our students relate even more and better understand these sentences.

September 1, 2015
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