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Duck Face is in Oxford Dictionary!
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Duck Face is in Oxford Dictionary!

December 7, 2014

Oxford dictionaries usually update their list of words twice a year. In their December 2014 update, Oxford announced that they are adding a few interesting words to their online lists to reflect what is being frequently used online.



How are words added?

In a November 2012 update, Oxford’s official blog explained,

Using the Oxford English Corpus, our lexicographers here at Oxford Dictionaries are continually monitoring and researching how language is evolving. By analysing the corpus and using special software, we can see words in context and find out how new words and senses are emerging. When we have evidence of a new term being used in a variety of different sources (not just by one writer) it becomes a candidate for inclusion in one of our dictionaries. For every new dictionary or online update we assess all the most recent terms that have emerged and select those which we judge to be the most significant or important and those which we think are likely to stand the test of time.


Dec 2014 additions

(click/tap a word to view its dictionary entry)

fone (n): a phone

xlnt (adj): excellent

duck face (n): An exaggerated pouting expression in which the lips are thrust outwards, typically made by a person posing for a photograph

IDC (abbrev): short for “I don’t care”.  (similar to IDK: I don’t know)

tomoz (adv): tomorrow 

cool beans (excla): used to express approval or delight

….and more! Aren’t they interesting?


Check them out

To see other new words that have been added to the dictionary this year, visit this link: New words added to

If you want to check out older updates, you can visit these updates:

Aug 2013 update which includes words like: twerk, selfie, srsly, BYOD, and MOOC.

Nov 2012 update which includes words like: First World problem, bimble, and twitterpated.

June 2011 update which includes words like: autocomplete, heart (v), OMG, and LOL.

and others here: 



December 7, 2014
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