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HCT and Pearson: A Collaboration for the Digital Transformation of Learning

HCT and Pearson: A Collaboration for the Digital Transformation of Learning

June 15, 2014

As part of HCT’s initiative to transform student learning across all campuses and all years into a streamlined, mobile based and interactive learning experience, HCT partnered with Pearson to embark on a five year, three staged partnership, utilising various resources, expertise, services and value added contributions.

The UAE Federal Mobile Learning Initiative is a ground-breaking project that HCT and Pearson will work together to deliver over three stages:

Stage 1 (March 2013-December 2013)

  • 32 units of iPad based content for Foundations levels 2 and 3.

Given the nature of the timeline, and the focus to start using the content by the fall term of 2013, HCT decided to roll out the units in an iterative, beta version capacity.  The idea was to capture real-use feedback and resolve issues (technical malfunctions, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and punctuation mistakes, etc.) on a rolling basis – the intent was not to have a finished product by the end of 2013.

Stage 2 (January 2014-September 2014)

  • Improved technical functionality
  • Resolve identified content errors

Stage 3 (October 2014-December 2017)

  • Create and add additional content to support and cover Scope and Sequence and Outcomes across levels 2 and 3.

What has been achieved so far:

The project is currently on track and has met a number of important deadlines:

  • 32 units of interactive iPad based content have been completed – 16 units in both levels 2 and 3, representing approximately 20 hours of classroom instruction and replacing existing textbooks. (December 2013).
  • Native IOS application for each unit has been launched (February 2014).
    • Allows content to be retained in the practice section.
    • Allows the student/instructor to return to the last page used in the content.

What we are working on now

  • Technical improvements:
    • Improved load times
    • Improved native gestures
    • Eliminate application crashes and forced closes
    • User profiles and log ins
      • Enables backend services to collect on usage
      • Provides robust security
      • Closely aligning content to HCT Outcomes and Objectives
        • Measure impact of iPad content on student success
        • Identify units and skills for additional content development

 What you can expect going forward

We need Faculty feedback.

HCT has formed faculty focus groups on each campus.  HCT and Pearson will meet with each faculty group at least twice a semester to capture feedback on the iPad initiative.  We are particularly interested in understanding what is working well, what is not working well, and what is needed to enable success in the classroom.

In addition to these narrative based feedback groups, the Issues Reporting Form will be available again from September.   The Issues Reporting Form will sport a few new improvements, such as an automated email response confirming the issue submission, a ticketing system which will assign a reference number to each issue, and the ability to submit multiple issues in one ticket.  The Issues Reporting Form is a simple tool to capture and report issues with technical functionality or content errors.  Open ended feedback and suggested improvements will be captured and followed up on with faculty focus groups.

Finally, in an effort to keep everyone informed and aware of the iPad initiative, updates like this will be sent out at least twice a semester.

We value your input into this ongoing improvement process, and look forward to hearing your feedback in the coming months so that we can deliver a Mobile Learning Initiative that creates meaningful improvements to teaching and learning at HCT.


June 15, 2014
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